Muar’s Glutton Street 贪吃街

Muar, or Bandar Maharani Muar (the Empress Town) as it is popularly known amongst the locals and tourists alike is famous for its “T’am Cjia Kuay” literally “the glutton voracious eating street” by the Chinese befitting its reputation as the food haven of the town.

Located along Jalan Haji Abu, it stretches for approximately 100m from the junction of Jalan Meriam and ending on Jalan Ali. Being a Muarian myself and my late grandparents house is located just along Jalan Haji Abu (upstairs in one of the shoplots), I can’t be ever proud to be in the midst of the food haven in Muar Town.

Did I say Pork Satay? Yes, indeed! Here you will find the Muar’s famous Pork Satay and mind you that queuing is essential and waiting for your turn. How about some pork intestines satay on skewers? It is also one of its delicacy in this stall. You will be amazed by its variety of choices served there.

Pssst. Sometimes the order mounts up and the owner not knowing where the original customers are, just admit that it is your plate if you did order it slightly later. My dad has done it and I know it does work.

Muar is also famous for its otak-otak (乌达). It is a cake made of fish meat (usually mackerel) and spices. Traditionally wrapped in a banana leaf, it is then grilled on top of a charcoal fire.

In my opinion of being a Muarian, your trip is incomplete without first savouring the mouth-watering otak-otak. Trust me, it is worth the try before you hit the roads leaving Muar town.

How about a plate of “O Chien” literally means fried oysters. However, this dish is just more than just a plate of fried oysters. The oysters are fresh, juicy and huge fried with omelette and starch. You will find a slight variation with the O Chien found here in Muar and of other places as it is usually the softer type as to compare to the ones with crust.

Are you feeling bloated yet? Still on the same Glutton Street, you will find yourself eating “Wan ton mee” (Noodle tossed in the black soya sauce with slices of char siu (BBQ pork), veggies and a bowl of wanton (dumpling) soup).

You will also realized that the Char Siew served on your plate is not of the normal charcoal roasted darn brownish colour but it is red roasted colour. This is the trademark that you will find it in Muar only.

After consuming all these food, why not stop by for a glass of herbal tea – it is a mixture of herbs that is believed to quench your thirst and “heatiness” from within your body.


Muar’s Glutton Street
T’am Cjia Kuay” (贪吃街)
Along Jalan Haji Abu (between Jalan Ali to Jalan Meriam junction)
Muar 84000
Johor Darul Takzim



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