Singapore Airlines adds 2nd super jumbo to Melbourne


Singapore Airlines, one of the World’s best airline has just completed all its Airbus A380 delivery with the 19th and last A380 (I hope it is not their last of the last) slated for the Singapore-Melbourne route in August.

The second superjumbo will operate on SQ218 out of Singapore on 16th August and likewise on SQ217 on a return flight back to Singapore on 17th August. Currently, the airline operates on Boeing 777-300ER and that leaves only SQ237/238 on this fleet.

These are the flights of SIN-MEL route:

SQ217 SIN0955 – 1915MEL 388 D
SQ227 SIN2100 – 0620+1MEL 388 D
SQ237 SIN2355 – 0915+1MEL 773 D

SQ218 MEL0005 – 0555SIN 388 D
SQ238 MEL1025 – 1615SIN 773 D
SQ228 MEL1545 – 2145SIN 388 D

Singapore Airlines basically hinted that they will “increase our presence Down Under with as many A380 as possible” quoting Mr. Subhas Menon’s interview with the Sydney Morning Herald interview late last month.


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