Sick of filling-out Hotel Registration form?

by William Ng

You may have flown around the world and last thing you would like to do is to fill up the registration form that the receptionist is asking you to fill in whenever you check into the hotel.

There are a few ways to escape from filling-up the registration form ahead of your stay.

1) Be part of a hotel loyalty program

If you are part of the hotel’s loyalty program, chances are you would have already registered your details with the brand be it at the desk when they entice you to sign up their loyalty program or you would have registered online. This is one of the step you can escaped from the hassle.

2) Business / Personal name card

If the hotel brand is somewhat new to you or not one of those you would stay regularly, chances are you’re not in their database yet (or that’s not available to you while making your booking). I would give the hotel my business card to skip this hassle if you’re tired and worn out after a long flight. Not only it saves you time, the hotel at least can read everything that has been typewritten out on the card rather than a scribbling hand-writing which might cause them to miss out on certain characters on your details.


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