Chatime takes off into the skies

Craving for Chatime? Flying AirAsia lately? Now crave no more as you can now skip all the long queues to wait for your cuppa Chatime.

Imagine sipping your Chatime 30,000 ft up in the air and choose from Roasted Milk Tea with Red Bean or Mango Green Tea with Rainbow Jelly at only RM8!

I know it is a wee bit expensive than your normal ones in the store but nothing beats enjoying your favourite Chatime brand up in the skies.

Skip the usual Chatime queue and have it on board instead from 1st July 2012!

*Available on Malaysia AirAsia (AK) flights only.


Ladurée is opening in Sydney in July

The squeals of delight from every foodie and fashionista could be heard echoing around the realms of Facebook, Twitter and all over the social medias when it was recently announced that iconic French patisserie Ladurée would finally be opening a store in Sydney in July!

Ladurée is slated to occupy one of the empty shoplot in Westfield Sydney CBD and of which I can imagine the queue will be as long as when Topshop and Topman first opened its flagship store in Melbourne’s South Yarra suburban back in 2011.


The macaron are the most famous creation of Laduree …. created at the beginning of the 20th century by Pierre Desfontaines the second cousin of Louis Ernest Laduree who first thought of taking two macaron shells and joining them with a delicious ganache filling. Once cooked the macaron are put to one side for 2 days before going on sale …. according to Laduree, the time it takes to achieve the perfect balance between texture and flavour.


I first discovered about Ladurée during my trip to London back in July 2011 for my brother’s convocation when he introduces this macarons to me. I have been to Paris before on two occasions in 2002 and 2007, none of which I knew of Ladurée at all.

You will be surprised that there is STRICTLY NO PHOTOGRAPHY in the shop itself and if you have your professional DSLR cameras out to your smallest digital camera, you will either be asked to keep the cameras away or leave the shop immediately. Yes, it is how strict it is.